Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Year of Projects Update: 3 April 2012

Well, it's been a long old time since I did one of these!!! I thought I'd have a look back at my post from 1 July and see how far I've got......

My original list was...

UFO's to complete.....
1. Twenty-Ten Cardigan for me - FINISHED
2. Hemlock Ring Blanket for Alfie - HIBERNATING
3. Baby Kimono - HIBERNATING
4. Granny Stripe Blanket for the sofa - HIBERNATING
5. Mojo Socks for me - HIBERNATING
6. Japanese Flower Shawl - HIBERNATING
7. Textured Shawl for me - FINISHED
8. Something Pretty cushion for Mum - FINISHED

9. Erik zip up hoody for Dan (my brother) as a birthday present - FINISHED
10. Monteagle bag for Nanny - changed to Christina cardigan - JUST NEED TO SEW UP
11. Monteagle bag For Chris for her birthday - FINISHED (but I hated doing it so the others got abandoned!)
12. Owls jumper for Sarah (Dan's girlfriend) who fell in love with mine - FINISHED
13. Monteagle bag for Bez - ABANDONED!
14.  Fetching gloves for Sarah - because she works in a draughty office so wears these that I knitted for her last birthday all the time - FINISHED (but not for Sarah!)

15. Hiker jumper for Tom - FINISHED TWO! (except he changed his mind to this one and this one!)
16. Cardy me - Deco or Paulie - FINISHED but chose this one instead
17. Hats for boys - either Astronomer or Modern Rib Hat - FINISHED BOTH
18. Remembrance Poppies - FINISHED
19. And So Are You shawl
20. Stitch Sampler Shawl - STARTED
21. Guernsey Wrap - FINISHED
22. Japanese Crochet Slippers for me - STARTED
23. Sally the Eco Fairy as an Angel for the Christmas tree - STARTED
24. Kalajoki socks
25. Damask shawl
26. Tamara gloves for me - I WILL learn to do colourwork! - Haven't done, however did do this and this is almost done for my colourwork lessons!
27. Asymmetric stripe shawl - Different Lines - FINISHED
28. Still Light Tunic with hand dyed yarn
29. Lego Man for the ever Lego obsessed Alfie
30. Jane Hat for me - FINISHED
31. Jumpers for kids - FINISHED BOTH

So I don't think I've done bad! I've got time between now and 30 June to hopefully get some more ticked off my list...... we'll see!!

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