Saturday, 28 April 2012

Welcome to the World........... Audrey!

Meet Audrey.

Here she is, doing her thing and doing it perfectly.

Audrey was going to be my present from Dearest Husband's bonus at the end of his 'long sandy holiday' however over the Easter weekend I found her on an amazing offer at Harts of Stur so it would have been silly not to have indulged!!
She has been used a number of times since she arrived here at number 23 and she makes the most amazing mashed potato as well as all of the other baking uses she can be put to (like making the perfect pancake mix above). I may even go so far as to say that everybody who bakes should have one!
The name Audrey came from a little brainstorming session with my fellow knitters at Love Yarn's Saturday afternoon drop in session and as soon as I heard it I knew that it was perfect. Strong, dependable and lets you know exactly where you stand.

Audrey, I think I love you xxx

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