Sunday, 11 August 2013

Summer Fun List 2013: Rugby and Cinema

Well the summer holidays are rolling on and we're ticking more and more off the list. 

Last weekend we went to watch the British Army Rugby League Academy play against Gloucester All Golds Academy because my husband coaches the Army team. The weather held out until about 2 minutes before the full time whistle blew and happily the Army team won convincingly. The boys had a great time just playing with balls by the side of the pitch and cheering on the team and we can't wait to take the to see the Challenge Cup final in a fortnight at Wembley!!

Last Monday we took the boys to the cinema to see Epic which was a fantastic film! Our local Odeon does a kids showing every morning in the school holidays for £2.50 a head which makes it a more affordable activity! Popcorn and chocolate raisins all round!

We attempted on Tuesday to cross off Fly a Kite however when we got to our trusty kite-flying location at Old Sarum there was not a drop of wind to be found! 
We still went for a lovely walk in the sun though and hopefully will manage to fly the kite at some point this week when we're camping in North Wales. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer Fun List 2013: Make Water Balloon Sponges

What better way to round off a really hot day than to cool of by letting the kids (and me!!) throw these fantastic things at each other!

I bought a couple of packets of sponge wipes from the Supermarket, cut them into ~1cm strips and tied them together in bunches of 10 with string. 
Add a bucket of water each for the boys and voila! Plenty if fun to be had and best of all no faffy tieing of fiddly little balloons and they're reusable so we can do it all again today!

I also got pretty wet in the process and will definitely be doing it again!