Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Birthday Dad, We Miss You x

As some of you will know, sadly my Dad lost his brave battle with Prostate and Lung Cancer in June. Today would have been his 81st birthday and we all miss him so very much, especially the boys.

How very apt it was when I opened my curtains this morning to find that my Little Sunflower (that I very nearly gave up hope on last week and pulled up) had finally flowered and produced this tiny but perfect little bloom.

Tonight my Mum, brother Dan and Sarah are all coming to stay, just like they did last year and we will be going to Pewsey Carnival tomorrow evening just as we did last year.

Happy Birhday Dad, we love amd miss you so very much xxxxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Year of Projects Update - 11th September 2011

Hello there!! Once again its been a couple of weeks since my last post, and once again they've been busy weeks!

My biggest boy turned 5....

and then 3 days later started school.....

I also got lots of knitting done, not all of it for my YoP projects, so without further ado....
I present Owls for Sarah...

When she saw the one that I knitted myself back in June she said how much she loved it, so unbeknown to her, later that day my brother slipped me the money to buy the wool to make her one as a surprise. I managed to get if finished just in time for them to be coming to visit next weekend.

Next up is Different Lines
Not the best of pictures I admit but I only cast off this evening and I wanted to show you all in this post. The colours are pretty true to life, if a bit dark and it is sooooo unbelievably soft in the merino. It still needs to be blocked out but was a really fast knit, I only began it on Monday and have finished it today (Saturday night) and I love the interesting shape. I think I'll still do a Stripe Study Shawl but that will have to wait because I cast on....

Huron for Tom! Now I know that in the original list I was supposed to be knitting him this Hiker Jumper but he kept telling me that he wanted this hideous creation. I knew that he'd wear it once and then never wear it again, and I really couldn't justify putting in all that work for one wear. So I trawled the books at my LYS and Ravelry and finally we both agreed on Huron as a happy medium that satisfies his 'Xmas Jumper' needs and is wearable throughout the winter. Once I've got a bit more than a cable with 175 stitches on it to show you I will! I might even change the boys' jumpers to mini versions of this..... we'll see!

Also not on my YoP list I've managed to knit two hats, each in one day. I knit Tom a Turn a Square Hat on Bank Holiday Monday whilst in the car with Tom driving around Wiltshire looking at caravans and big old stone circles.....

Then tonight in the grand total of 1.5 hours I knitted a Holly hat for myself. I have to say that the Winter Warmers Rowan book that this is from is amazing!

Finally I would like to thank a real life friend for giving me an award in the virtual world! Kate from Good Purl Gone Bad gave me a Versatile Blogger award for which I am really humbled and I will come back to this in its own post but wanted to mention it here just in case I forget!

So, after the madness of the last few weeks I'm hoping that things quieten down a bit  and that I'll be doing rather more leisurely knitting for a while! The only thing that I'd like to complete pretty soon is the other 'Small Boy Hat' because its bound to be needed if I don't!

Happy knitting (and hooking) everyone!