Friday, 1 July 2011

Blog-a-long Starts Today!! (1 July 2011)

Well here goes!!! I am committing to blogging about my knitting and crocheting for the next year and am very excited to see how it goes!
Over here in the Blog-a-long group on Ravelry a group of us are each getting together a list of projects that we aim to complete over the next 12 months. Every Sunday after that we will blog about what we have achieved from our list during the previous week and I am hoping that it will help me to clear up lots of WIPs that I have dotted around the house!
Some people are choosing to knit/crochet all the patterns from a single book, others are choosing compliations from their Ravelry queue, whereas I aim to do a combination of unfinished projects, new ones that have been languishing in my queue for far too long, and gifts for family members.

My List
UFO's to complete.....
1. Twenty-Ten Cardigan for me - started but then got sidetracked
2. Hemlock Ring Blanket for Alfie - I HATE HATE HATE knitting this, I think its a combination of the pattern and yarn but I don't have much more to do
3. Baby Kimono for one of the many babies we have arriving within our circle of friends this year
4. Granny Stripe Blanket for the sofa - this is a king-sized blanket so a very long term project and won't mind at all if I don't finish it during the next year, I'd just like to do a bit more of it
5. Mojo Socks for me -these live in my handbag for 'Waiting Room Knitting' so are another long term project
6. Japanese Flower Shawl -I love this however have been knitting more than crocheting of late but would love it to be finished for the Autumn
7. Textured Shawl for me - so nearly there I can taste it!
8. Something Pretty cushion for Mum
9. Erik zip up hoody for Dan (my brother) as a birthday present
10. Monteagle bag for Nanny
11. Monteagle bag For Chris for her birthday
12. Owls jumper for Sarah (Dan's girlfriend) who fell in love with mine
13. Monteagle bag for Bez
14.  Fetching gloves (or possibly Owlings) for Sarah - because she works in a draughty office so wears these that I knitted for her last birthday all the time

15. Hiker jumper for Tom
16. Cardy me - Deco or Paulie
17. Hats for boys - either Astronomer or Modern Rib Hat
18. Remembrance Poppies
19. And So Are You shawl
20. Stitch Sampler Shawl because I fell in love with Sarah 's (from Crafts from the Cwtch)
21. Guernsey Wrap - because I love all of the Brooklyn Tweed patterns
22. Japanese Crochet Slippers for me
23. Sally the Eco Fairy as an Angel for the Christmas tree
24. Kalajoki socks
25. Damask shawl
26. Tamara gloves for me - I WILL learn to do colourwork!
27. Asymmetric stripe shawl - either Stripe Study Shawl or Different Lines
28. Still Light Tunic with hand dyed yarn
29. Lego Man for the ever Lego obsessed Alfie
30. Hat for me - either Wabbit Season or Jane (or both maybe?)
31. Jumpers for kids - this Fisherman Jumper I think, or maybe a Bergere de France one I saw at my LYS...

31!!!! Wow!! That's a lot!!  If I finish 20 of them before June 30th next year I will be over the moon because I just know that there will be other things that I end up knitting or crocheting between now and then because I just can't resist!

All of the projects from this list will be tagged with 'YoP' in Ravelry and I have created a Project Set for them all here where I will easily be able to keep track of what I have achieved.

I'd better get knitting hadn't I? Wish me luck....


  1. Wow! That is a list and a half! Good luck finishing all your WIP and getting started on some new projects too :)

  2. Oh my! I'm going to go through your list with a cup of tea this afternoon, it looks excellent! I'm sure you'll finish far more than you expect.

    I didn't know about project sets, is that done by tagging? Very interesting :)

  3. This is a very ambitious list. Good luck!

  4. WOW that list is a monster. I'm sure you will finish it though. Good Luck

  5. That is an ambitious list! You can do it! good luck

  6. Wow Becky!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you work through that list, there are some great things on there :)

  7. What a great list--but dangerous for me. :) I just went through your patterns on Rav and added a chunk to my favorites! Happy year of knitting and I look forward to seeing your list transform into a wonderful group of projects.

  8. another nm'er??? Love how we all have similar tastes. I've made the fetchings and owlings and have several of the others in my queue. Good luck with it xx