Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Thompson's Summer Fun List 2013

Well, Summer is upon us, apparently. Not the holidays, we have another 8 weeks to go yet! - and the weather is pretty temperamental at the moment but the sentiment is there. I really enjoyed completing as many things as we could on our 2012 Summer Fun List and we did manage to complete most things even though my blogging didn't manage to keep up! The idea is from the folks at the Happy Family Movement and really helped to focus our summer activities so that we actually did the things we always plan to but never quite get round to doing. This year we are doing it again and hopefully I'll manage to remember to keep up with the blog too!! It will be pinned up on the cupboard in the Kitchen where everybody can see it as a reminder to all of us that there is fun to be had!

 So our list for this year is....

1. Feed ducks 2.Climb a tree 3. Puddle jumping 4. Write a letter 5. Make a fingerprint tree 6. Make a den under the table 7. Watch a rugby match 8. Go to the cinema 9. Find a crop circle 10. Make pavement chalk 11. Play with cornflour 12. Decopatch 13. Visit an aquarium 14. Watch a sunset 15. Ride bikes 16. Go camping 17. Go to the beach 18. Build sandcastles 19. Go on a fossil hunt 20. Wash the car 21. Have a walk in the woods 22. Make ice cream 23. Have a picnic 24. Have a PJ day 25. Water gun fight 26. Make string balloons 27. Visit a zoo/farm 28. Go swimming 29. Have a bbq with friends 30. Paint rocks 31. Do the Summer Reading Challenge 32. Go to a real drive-in-movie 33. Go geocaching 34. Go to Go Ape 35. Make water balloon sponges 36. Fly a kite 37. Visit a museum 38. Go on a train 39. Visit the theatre 40. Send a message in a bottle 41. Make splat paintings 42. Have a back to front meals day 43. Stargazing 44. Make Self Portraits 45. Buy school shoes & uniform 46. Learn to write your name (Oscar) 47. Climb a Mountain 48. Ride without stabilisers (Oscar) 49. Learn to tell the time (Alfie) 50. Learn to tie your laces (Alfie) 51. Take lots of pictures of our adventures!!!!

Just like last year this is a mixture of things that we would do anyway and things that are slightly more adventurous and I can't wait to get started!!!

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