Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013: Day 2 - A Mascot Project

As soon as I saw the title for today's post I knew that there was only one project for it. The Beekeeper's Quilt

It is an ideal project for a Bee like me. I can puff away between projects with each little puff not taking too long for me to feel like I'm being negligent to my other ongoing things. It can fit into my handbag and be worked on whilst the boys are at one of their many activities. I can use different yarns and colours to stop me getting bored. I can even embrace my inner Monkey with different types of cast on and techniques, my inner Peacock with embellishments, and my inner Manatee because they're just so cuddly and therapeutic to knit.

Unfortunately, like many almost all of my projects this has fallen by the wayside due to my terrible distractability. I started MY Beekeeper's Quilt in February 2012 and I have the grand total of about 20 hexipuffs completed. Absolutely pathetic! I daren't even attempt to count up how many projects I've cast on and completed in the time since then. My intention was to knit a few hexipuffs a week whilst my husband was in Afghanistan for 7 months last year but that didn't happen, he's been back seven months now and I know I haven't touched it since he returned! I will dig the little basket of puffs out of the cupboard that its been hibernating in and see if putting in view will spur me on.... I'm not holding out much hope though!!

What project would best represent you and your style of knitting?

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  1. Amazing quilt ! Take your time, the good thing about knitting is that you can always take it back years after starting and it hasn't changed a bit (unless a cat played with it...). You must be so happy your husband is back !

  2. I am absolutely going bananas over this pattern and might learn how to knit just to make it! Every time I come across pics on the tinternet I salivate! How about making a puff a day . . . . tee heee!

  3. The Hexipox has you in its clutches; good luck with the mojo!

  4. I'm sure you'll get back to the hexipuffs:)

  5. Heck, I admire the fact that you even started! I love the quilt, but I know myself too well to think knitting endless hexipuffs would keep my interest. I've seen some people embellish them, or try new techniques, or basically use them as a swatch opportunity for new yarn--maybe one of those techniques would work for you?

  6. Maybe that is why it is a good choice - it is always there for you should you ever need it :)