Saturday, 7 July 2012

Summer Fun List 2012 - #1 Puddle Jumping

Well yesterday we had the perfect weather to tick one of the things off the Summer Fun List. Sports day was cancelled and the rain came, and with it came the puddles!!!
Being the very kind, efficient (cough, cough!) Mummy that I am, I had the kettle filled, mugs, hot chocolate and tea bags ready and towels warming on the radiator. (yes, the heating is on in July!)
Oscar and I donned our wellies and took Alfie's with us when we went to pick him up from school and went straight to the Basketball court by the Leisure centre where the biggest puddle was to be found. Then the jumping, running and splashing commenced!!

We squelched home and wrapped up warm on the sofa, bliss!


  1. Brilliant looks like they had great fun!!!!

  2. Puddle jumping is the BEST! Heck, playing in the rain is just plain awesome in itself no matter what age :) I love all the pictures, looks like it was a blast:)