Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer holidays are almost here.....

In just over four weeks we will be finishing school for the six week summer holidays. That should coincide with Mr Thomps getting his two weeks r'n'r (rest and recuperation) from his not so little 'holiday' in the desert. With this in mind I've decided that this summer we will do a Bucket List.
The Summer holidays can quite easily fly by with not much getting done so I think that if we write everything down and tick things off as we do them it will motivate us to keep going.
Our list will start as soon as I manage I make it (hopefully this week) and I'll Donna official launch blog post, and will actually run until the end of October. This is because Mr Thomps will be back properly by the end of September and has all of October off work so some things will get done then. These will be things like going into London to see a theatre show and visit the museums because the Olympics will be happening when he is home in the Summer and London will be far too busy then!!!
The boys have been asked what they would like to do and I have had more inspiration from here:

Anybody fancy joining me??

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