Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I'm back!!!!

Hello there everybody!!! I'm back!!!

I've been away for what seems like an age due to my useless old computer and just general life getting in the way but my wonderful Mum bought us a new laptop for Christmas so now that everything is transferred over I can get back into the blogging.

Well, what have we been up to?........

Alfie is loving school and doing really well, Oscar is getting really grown up (:cry:) and we had a wonderful quiet family Christmas.

There has been a lot of knitting happening and I have done quite a few of my YOP projects and a couple of things on my list have changed..... there's a surprise!!

So for a quick catchup here goes.....

There was Tom's Huron Jumper...
which he has only worn once because it just hasn't been cold enough!!!

My Guernsey wrap which I wear almost every day and I can't believe that I don't have a finished photograph of it!!!!

A jumper for Alfie which ended up being Oscar's, then a second identical-but-slightly-larger-one which actually fits Alf!!

A cable scarf for a friend of Tom's

Some Remembrance Day Poppies..

A colourwork Selbu hat

A red Kim Hargreaves Teal cardigan - which I also don't appear to have any pictures of!!

A Xmas jumper for me :-)

Some fingerless gloves for Sarah (which actually ended up with different ribbon in them)

And a tiny felted cauldron..

As for the ones on my needles now...... well that can wait for another post!!!


  1. wow. Beautiful, gorgeous knitting. I mean stunning. I hope you and the boys are all well x

  2. You've been really busy, and it's all so beautiful! How do you do it??

  3. Wow great projects and you cetainly got lots done.