Sunday, 14 August 2011

Year of Projects Update - 14th August 2011

Well its been a busy few weeks here so its been a while since I updated. I've been working steadily on my Twenty-Ten Cardigan and Erik, although only one of those is a success story......

Ta-dah! Twenty-Ten is finished!! I really, really love it and can't wait to wear it properly!!! Here is a not so great pic of it....

You can't see the colour very well, or the lovely wooden buttons from my LYS so here is a better one, closer up....

....and one of the sleeves....

You may notice that there is a button missing at the bottom. The lovely Fiona only had 10 in stock with more on order so because I just couldn't wait I left that one off until her order comes in.

Then there was Erik...... Whilst I was at Knit & Natter on Tuesday evening one of the ladies realised that the back for a cardigan that she was knitting was enormous compared to what it should have been, despite having knitted a tension square, and it was going to have to be frogged. It suddenly dawned on me that when I started Erik I hadn't done a tension sqaure at all and then that awful sickly feeling began to spread over me until I got home and checked my tension..... I was using the recommended needle size and the right wool but  I was getting 18 stitches to 4" rather than the 15 stitches required. I very nearly cried. It is too far out to even just rip back to the arms and continue increasing for the larger size so is being completely frogged and I am going to swatch, swatch and swatch some more until I get the perfect gauge!!!
Here he is feeling sorry for himself and I will keep this picture to remind me what happens when you don't check your gauge!


  1. You poor thing!How unlucky being out by so much even with the right yarn and needles.

    Twenty ten is beautiful, I love the colour and the diagonal button band.

  2. OH NO! I never do a swatch, and having read yours am now very fearful for my Red Butler I'm almost finished the body of.

    Your Twenty ten is stunning, the colour is awesome. Pity about the missing button but at least you will get it soon.

  3. Oh dear, poor Erik. I always have that sickly feeling until the sweater is done and on the wearer.

    Twenty ten is just gorgeous!

  4. Twenty-ten looks fab. I really like that pattern.

    And ((hug)) what a nightmare about the other one. I'll be honest I don't swatch - I just check gauge after I've started knitting, but there is a lesson here for me too. It's so disheartening to frog something and start again but at least it'll fit! :)

    Have a good week

  5. that 2010 cardigan is super cute! be happy that at least turned out!