Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day 4: Where are they now?

2KCBWDAY1 A Tale of Two Yarns - day one of knitting and crochet blog week

Whatever happened to your __________?
Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

I've been thinking about this topic and decided that there was no way that I could choose just one project, so I chose three.

First up is actually my most recently completed project, the Turn a Square hat that I knitted for Tom.
In the depths of winter he asked me to knit him a hat. When asked what kind of hat he simply repeated 'Just a hat' like it was that simple. When I showed him all the patterns on Ravelry he was amazed at the choice there was, but not as amazed as he was when I finally managed to get him into my LYS to choose the yarn. He genuinely had no idea of the range of yarns available - the different weights, blends and effects - and was for once speechless. He finally settled on the yarn and is really pleased with it, although not as pleased as the boys are.......


Next up is my Shalom cardigan.... Ever since I saw the pattern I knew that I wanted to knit one, and I finally found some wool for it a couple of months ago. Since I finished it, it has either been on, in the was or slung on the back of a kitchen chair ready to throw on at the next opportunity....

And last but not least is my Girasole. This has now become part of the furniture and is at the end of the sofa everyday, just waiting for poorly snuggles, or that time in the evening when the heating has gone off and is not quite time to go to bed, or maybe when teddies need it.... It is definitely my favourite project so far.


  1. I am so in love with the girasole! I bet that will be around for a long time.

  2. How cute is that picture of your boy!! And the teddy picture!! Love the the colour of your yarn!! For that cardi!! Fab post :)

  3. I love that Girasole too. And Shalom has been in my favourites for a while but you may just have persuaded me to push it up my queue!

  4. I love the buttons on your Shalom!

  5. I agree with Carole: Lovely buttons! And I also like the color of the cardigan a lot!

  6. What lovely projects!

    I am planning on knitting a shalom soon.

  7. Girasole is on my mental 'I must knit' list. I want to give it to my Grandma to snuggled under with my grandad

  8. I love the buttons on that Cardie!